KDS Medical Engineering is a Biotechnology startup company, based out of Nova Scotia, Canada. We design medical and mechanical devices, software solutions for the life sciences, and we create companies to spin out products. We also offer consulting services to medical, engineering, and space industries.

KDS Medical Engineering was founded in 2015 by Dr. Kevin Spencer, a medical doctor and mechanical engineer from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We are pleased to announce that KDS Medical Engineering was accepted into the Fall 2018 Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) Space Stream, and within CDL we moved our space health team into Leap Biosystems Inc., a new and dedicated space health company with a national team of medical and aerospace experts assembled to meet the unique medical challenges of space exploration.

In 2018, KDS Medical Engineering also successfully created another spin-off company to support commercialization of a medical device that began here. For more information on this venture, visit www.ringrescue.com.

We are also currently developing a software solution for the life sciences, details to be released late 2019.

Medical expertise, biotechnology development and physician services. Unique perspectives on new ideas, changing requirements, and unarticulated needs. 

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We have experience creating products from concepts through spin-off companies. Check back regularly for updates on current projects, or contact us to make your idea a reality.

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Our national team of Canadian medical and aerospace experts develops healthcare innovations to support upcoming human space exploration initiatives.

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