Division of Innovation for Space Health (DISH)

Photo by kosziv/iStock / Getty Images

Our mission is to innovate the next-generation medical technologies and astronaut medical training platforms needed to support upcoming human space exploration initiatives. Our team of Canadian professionals in the medical, aerospace, research and engineering fields provides the expertise needed to make it happen.

New requirements. Unarticulated needs. Let's get started.


Creative Destruction Lab

KDS Medical Engineering is pleased to announce that our space activities were accepted into the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) Fall 2018 Space Stream. CDL is a competitive and highly sought-after accelerator program for startups, located at the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management. It provides critical backing, with expertise, mentorship, funding opportunities, and in keeping with the CDL slogan, this fosters the opportunity to “Build Something Massive”.

Leap Biosystems Inc.

As part of our development activities with Creative Destruction Lab, the space team that originated at KDS Medical Engineering has since created and moved into a new, dedicated Space Health company, and we are pleased to introduce you to Leap Biosystems Inc. With homage to Neil Armstrong’s “one giant leap”, our pursuit life sciences innovation for space exploration, with the goal of healthcare everywhere, is moving forward within Leap Biosystems.



“Space agencies from around the world are looking towards the future of deep-space exploration beyond the International Space Station... The health and well-being of space crews is the primary limiting factor in the achievement of long-duration space missions and a key area of interest...”
— Canadian Space Agency