Dr. Kevin Spencer, MD, P.Eng

Dr. Kevin Spencer is founder and president of KDS Medical Engineering Inc.  Our company creates Medical Devices, offers Space Health Consulting services, and provides Mechanical Engineering and Medical Support.

FOUNDER PROFILE:  Dr. Spencer is a practicing Emergency Department Physician and Mechanical Engineer, as well as Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine with Dalhousie University, and Director of Simulation Education at Dartmouth General Hospital. Dr. Spencer is also trained as an Advanced Care Paramedic and Wilderness EMT. 

Dr. Spencer's engineering background includes medical device product development, mechanical design and product development with a Silicon Valley startup company, packaging, and manufacturing. Industry experience includes biomedical, fiber-optics, and offshore industries. Dr. Spencer is also co-founder and President of the medical device spin-off company Ring Rescue Inc., and co-founder of Leap Biosystems Inc., a space health dedicated company also with origins here at KDS Medical Engineering.

Dr. Spencer's aerospace related pursuits stemmed from the 2017 Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Astronaut Recruitment Campaign, where Dr. Spencer was a top 72 finalist. Partnerships made as a corollary of this CSA experience lead to the development of our Division of Innovation for Space Health.